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Lube Quick in 1998 when the Brough family purchased it




25 Years ago Tim and Becky Brough had just moved back to Hamilton, MT to raise their children in the same town they grew up in. When arriving in Hamilton unsure of what the future would hold for them and incredible opportunity arose. 


What was once just a passion of Tim's soon was turning into a business opportunity. In Septmember of 1998 Tim and Becky Brough purchased Lube Quick on HWY 93 in Hamilton. 

The Brough family quickly grew, the Becky Sign became infamous, they expanded to include Reliance Auto and Quick Wash, they received international attention for their marketing campaigns, and today, Tim Sr. and Becky’s children: Tim Jr., Maggie, and Cody are all working in the shop.


Lube Quick started on a foundation of family and kindness, and has never ceased to forget its roots. When you get your oil changed here at Lube Quick, you are supporting an established, family-owned business that gives back to the local community, mentors its employees, and cares about each person who walks through their doors as if they were family. 

Lube Quick isn't just another express lube. We take pride in our work and genuinely care about our customers and their vehicles. My dad has always said it doesn't matter if you drive a run down old car or the newest nicest vehicle out there they all should be taken care of the same. We care about our customers like family. We are blessed to call the beautiful Bitterroot Valley home and raise our children in this incredible community. I feel as it is our duty here at Lube Quick to take care of the people in our community by keeping there vehicles reliable, safe and well taken care of. 



TJ Brough

The main drive that gets me to want to wake up and come to work at Lube Quick and or Reliance is the want to continue building and sustain the legacy my dad has founded. I have that same passion and love for working on cars. When I see a customer leave here satisfied and content feeling safe in there vehicle we have just serviced gives me a sense of accomplishment. I like getting to know our customers so when they return you remember certain things about there vehicle or them personally. 


Cody Brough

Growing up I worked at Lube Quick, Coca-Cola and Als Cycle in high school but moved to Phoenix AZ after I graduated to pursue a career in motorcycle mechanics. I didn't think I wanted to live in Hamilton or be apart of the business. After living in Phoenix for three years and finishing school at MMI I had a completely different frame of mind. Living in Phoenix really helped me appreciate what I had grown up around and the community I grew up in. The Bitterroot Valley is a beautiful place filled with great people.  I love being a part of this business and the work my father put in to grow this business, I hope to keep it that way.  I work very hard to make him proud as well as continuing to provide the same great service he has.  I feel proud my wife and kids are referred to as the Brough's from Lube Quick and Reliance. I am the smartest of the three kids and hands down the best, so if you need anything come see TJ at Lube Quick and or Reliance!!



Maggie(brough) Petrey




Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm

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